About Lynn

I am the product designer and CEO of Angelynn’s Jewelry Organizers.  I am a mother of 3 wonderful children and have been married to my loving husband Robert for over 32 years.  I have always enjoy creating beautiful useful things and solving problems (NOT the math kind) and  I am sure this had something to do with the creation of my products and my company.  I quite a few new products in the works all all times.  Many of which I just do not have the time to get going, so they just patiently wait to be born.   I really enjoy creating beautiful pieces that have a functional job as well.

In school I took typing, keyboarding, jewelry design and casting, art and structural welding and photography all of which are important skills I use today.  Who knew?  I thought I was just having fun…except for the typing and keyboarding….fun…not so much!

I am a hopeless optimist and look forward to what life has to offer and always HOPE for the very best.  But when less than the best arrives I try to take in all in stride and not get sideways, though at times it is near impossible.  I believe you reap what you sow.  The Earth is round so what-goes-around comes-around.  Personally, I center myself with prayer.  If I get lost in anyway or anything it is The Lord Jesus that brings me back to truth and reason.  Just a little bit of who I am.

About Angelynn’s

I founded Angelynn’s Jewelry Organizers in 1991 with a lot of hope, ambition and expectations. I have done my very best to utilize simplicity, function along with innovation. Deciding to only use sustainable materials I have created and managed every aspect of the manufacturing and the design process – end to end – with the highest standards being dedicated to the well being of people and the planet.

My jewelry organizers are my very own copyrighted and trademarked designs. The are beautiful and durable and great for home, retail or commercial use. Created for women, teens and girls of all ages.

My very first product was the Polycarbonate Acrylic Earring Angel Pierced Earring & Body Jewelry Organizer. Then I designed my first jewelry tree (necklace holder).   Inspirational jewelry organizing designs just pop into my head and heart and just keep coming.  Bringing an idea to prototype and then to market takes a lot of time, testing and effort so patience is a must!

I have always loved being creative. In high school I took welding, jewelry making, pottery, photography and art. Skills I never knew that would come in handy to create my own business. Discovering how to weld, design scale, function and aesthetics were important lessons learned.

Angelynn’s Jewelry Organizers are an American Original! 100% Made in the USA using recycled and reclaimed carbon steel and polycarbonate.

Angelynn’s and its manufacturing shop partners made of Skilled American Tradesmen are a small part of the future of the Handmade in the United States product market.

Our jewelry organizers may cost quite a bit more than other jewelry racks and organizers but that is because it costs quite a bit more to make them by hand here in the US. But I look at it this way; it is an investment into America the land I love; and I believe the quality of product we produce is worth the price and they will last a lifetime with proper use.

My only manufacturing partners are Sharn Enterprises in Frankfort, Illinois and Sunbelt Plastics right here in Frisco, Texas.  I see them as family.