The Story of a Small Business – Angelynn’s Jewelry Organizers Part 7

As of November 2017

It has been a unpredictable few years business wise.  I did introduce and re-introduce a total of 4 designs this year.  I am currently selling on, Amazon, Etsy, Ebay and Houzz.

See our New Products for 2017

Go ahead and laugh,  I just replace my flip phone with a smart phone in July 2017.  It is smarter than I am that’s for sure.  I have Facebook, mostly for family stuff but I do have a Business Page and Facebook Store.  I also have a Twitter account but really only tweet when I list new products.  I just got an Instagram a few weeks ago and have no idea how to use it yet.  My 1st post on Instagram is my only post so far, but it is an awesome photo of the sun-setting on our property.

Warehouse #1

In early January 2016 we were still coming apart at the seams even with the new warehouse #1.  I was praying about things and asked the Lord what if anything should I be doing?  Days later it came up in my heart and mind to build another smaller warehouse building simplified no water, heat AC etc just for storage.  I thought no way, not another expense!

2016 was a brutal election cycle year and it was very hard on the country and the hearts and minds of everyone.  Fear and uncertainty was everywhere.  Business was slow for both my husband and myself.  One evening as I was communing with God in my heart I heard “Get the building” I resisted the thought.  I heard it again more urgently “Get the building….. Trump is going to become President and you are going to need it”.   I thought “What on Earth does that mean?”  I told Robert my husband this the next day and little did I know that I would have to remind myself of what I believe God spoke to me over and over again.  I considered perhaps I was wrong about this and had my doubts.

Warehouse #2

In February 25,2016 I signed the contract for building #2, construction began some time in June and was completed and ready to be stocked in December 2016 right after the election.

October 2016 I had this weird urgency pressure thing happening telling me to get our house finished, with painting, repairs, flooring, lighting etc. to finish all the things we had started over the years.  I just assumed it was for my Daughter’s Wedding in November with family coming in from out of State etc.  We had used most of the house for our businesses, warehousing, offices and so on we could never update our home because you could not see the floors, that by the way needed to be replaced.  We had always said that would have to MOVE OUT to finish it or sell it.

Formal Living Room of our House – My Office and Storage


Formal Living after it was finished.

Below was our game-room and the kids old bedrooms looked about the same.  As the kids grew and moved out over the years, my business grew into their old bedrooms.  At this point more than 75% of our home was for business use.  Plus I was paying for storage of  inventory at local 2 personal storage buildings.  For what I was paying in rent monthly I could build and own a 2nd warehouse.  We never did really claimed business use of the home because of the tax code penalizing you if you would ever sell it.

The Gameroom at our House – Packaging Facility

It was backbreaking work, but I actually got the most important bedrooms done before the Wedding.  I could not figure out why I had such pressure on me to get it done, but every day for months all I did was fix things, sand, paint, texture, clean, caulk, remodel, work on the yard etc. with my husband trimming trees and doing repairs.

In April and May we finished the updating and remodeling and decided to move all my inventory out to the country into building #1 and building#2  which we packed to the ceilings.  By the time we finished working on the house it was brand new, and I mean everything was brand new and beautiful!  I am sure that is why it sold in June on the 1st open house with no agent, by owner and above market value, and of course God hearing our prayers and “bringing us the right buyers” for the “right price”.  Before closing we got rid of a lot of stuff, furniture, paintings, clothing you name it.  We gave it all away and closed June 30th and moved our life to the country.


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Stud Earring Holders, Ring Holders, Earring Stands and Necklace Displays New Products by Angelynn’s

Now in Stock

Almost all the model/names I choose for my products come from people I know and love or I just love the name.

I have created a new earring holder specifically designed for stud and small earrings and named it after my son, I did not want him to feel left out and he did not mind.

Introducing the “Luka Stud Earring Holder”.  Dimensions: 11 inches tall x a slim 9 inches wide (for narrow slim wall spaces) and is offset from the wall by 1 inch. 4 heavy-duty, easy to use Screw/Anchors are included that can be used on drywall, masonry, brick or plaster. Easy to install and use. Durable and sturdy and they will last a lifetime with proper use. It can be mounted on a wall, door, inside a cabinet or wardrobe or on a mirror using your own double sided heavy-duty foam tape.


Introducing our beautiful decorative “Calla Necklace Holder” named after my 1st and currently only Grandchild.  This necklace holder has scrolls on top and a weighted steel base accessory tray.  Necklace holder, bracelet stand, jewelry organizer capacity: Displays 24 to 72+ necklaces up to 24 inches in length (1 to 3 per hook). The 24 heavy duty well designed necklace hooks are well spaced and staggered up-and-down, in-and-out making it very easy to get and stay organized.


Introducing the “Ginger Earring Angel” named after my Sister in Law.  This earring holder is a fabulous companion to our Calla and Ava Jewelry Trees.


Our new 9 cone type ring display called “Susan Ring Holder” named after my Grandmother.  This item fits perfectly inside all jewelry holders that have a top accessory tray.

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Why manufacture in the USA?

I have had several customers contact me on why I manufacture in the US and use carbon steel and powder coat for the finishes on my products.  Here is a copy of customer email and my response.

Customer Email:  Hey there, I’ve been having some problems with earring holders and other metal holders in that they are reacting to all my stuff and tarnishing them or actually in some cases the gold plating is coming off. I was wondering how the powder coating measures up?

My response:  I have been selling my products since 2005 and the metal ones with powder coating since 2008 and have never heard of any problems what so ever. I use them as well and not had any issues. Powder coat is a baked on finish at 392 degrees, not a dip or paint. Check out this link:

The powder coat basically seals the steel. Some jewelry holders made overseas etc. use mystery metal that use all kinds of scrap metals including, tin, copper, lead and other cheap metals and they usually dip or spray on a solvent finish which can cause metal on metal reactions.

FYI silver or gold plating is a very thin finish and there is usually a clear coat of some type on top of it. Also, I have found that if gold plating is on top of copper it will tarnish over time. If you clean your jewelry with rubbing alcohol it will strip the clear coat leaving your jewelry open to the elements. Use just plain soap and water or a jewelry cleaning product that does not have any harsh solvents in it to clean your jewelry.

There are so many reasons why I make my products here in the US using Carbon Steel and Powder Coat.

  1. Providing American Jobs is a big deal to me.
  2. I can oversee the manufacturing process end to end and make sure my products are made right.  This is so we can catch any issues like a product not being level or plumb and root them out when found.
  3. Carbon Steel is strong, clean, non- carcinogenic and pure.  Only use recycled or reclaimed sustainable materials.  What once may have been a steel car part has been cleaned, forged, melted down, pressed, cut, reformed, welded and powder coated to become a beautiful jewelry storage solution.
  4. Powder Coat is beautiful, durable and cleanable using plain water.
  5. No customs or import issues.


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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Making high quality products that are Eco-Friendly right here in the USA!

Angelynn’s Jewelry Organizers only uses reclaimed or recycled mediums with only 1% maximum virgin material used for polycarbonate colorants if needed.

Reground Polycarbonate


We use reclaimed trimmings from other newly manufactured items




We use recycled carbon steel.  It begins like this.  Then it is separated, pressed, melted down, forged and extruded.   So what may have been parts of an old car wheel, oven or Cadillac has now become a jewelry organizer, earring holder or necklace rack.  Pretty cool!

Old Car ScrapSteel ScrapAppliance recycling

hot_extruding_processplate steel processing

Photos above are of the carbon steel being forged and processed.

The extruded cleaned, recycled steel comes out like this.

Steel Rod*******Plate Steel

Robert Anderson

Photo of my main welder Robert

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The Story of a Small Business – Angelynn’s Jewelry Organizers Part 6

2015 … very challenging, but a great year.

2015 Christmas was actually fantastic, and my inventory levels are finally where they need to be on everything.

I introduced a white-white powder coat finish to all my metal / US Carbon Steel products in 2015 with great success.  Adding white is a decision I made due to customer requests I have had over the years mainly for girls and teens rooms but lately I have been hearing from women as well who have carrara marble and white-white dressing rooms who would prefer white over the Satin Nickel Silver.  White was my 4th finish in addition to the current Black, Satin Nickel Silver and Rubbed Bronze for all our metal jewelry organizers, earring holders, bracelet racks and necklace stands.

I also brought back 3 colors for my Polycarbonate Acrylic Earring Angels, Pink, Purple and Blue these are in addition to the Clear, Frosted and White.

The money:  Labor, manufacturing and powder coat costs, selling costs, insurance and freight have gone up 16% to 25% over last 2 years. 

I really had no choice but to increase pricing on some products and to my surprise most customers have been willing to pay the increase because of the extremely high quality product I provide.  I love my manufacturing partners and they are so important to me and my success.  They are also feeling the still active recession that has not yet ended and in some ways has actually gotten worse since 2012.  Most small business owners I know say they are also dealing with the cost of doing business increasing exponentially and jobs being shipped out of the country.  What is so odd to me is that most of the media and politicians just ignore it when the country is hurting in almost every sector, I digress.

Anyway, I am considered retiring a few products over the past year because the cost to make them, receive them, ship them and sell them went up so much.  My loyal customers are the best and I am blessed to have them!

I also created several new products in 2015-2016, click link below to see them or shop with me at, Amazon, Etsy, Ebay and Houzz.

See our New Products for 2016


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Wall Earring Holders, Necklace Racks, Jewelry Organizers, Displays and Belt Holders by Angelynn’s

2016 New Products

I have created a version of my Accessory Angel without the top scrolls.

Introducing the “Hannah Earring Angel” and it will be a top half only, without the bottom necklace rack portion.  It has the same depth and width as the current Accessory Angel, but it is taller having a larger capacity of 61 pairs and also has a top accessory tray for even more storage and measure 14 1/2″ wide x 13″ tall x 2 1/2″ deep.



It is a complement to the Schelon Necklace Rack that is sold separately.  This is so customers can buy organizers that work for what they need for their own personal jewelry collections.  More earrings?  Buy 2 Hannah Earring Angels and 1 Schelon Necklace Rack.  More necklaces? Buy 2 Schelon Necklace Racks and one Hannah Earring Angel and so on, mix and match to fit your individual needs.




Introducing the “Fiona Necklace Rack” a smaller version of the Schelon Necklace Rack for slim, narrow walls measuring 9″ wide x 3″ tall x 2 1/2″ deep.  Great for smaller closets and spaces.


It is a complement to the Michelle Earring Angel below.




Introducing the “Carol Jewelry Organizer” a large wall mount earring organizer, jewelry holder & bracelet rack.  It has an accessory tray on top for small perfume bottles, nail polishes or other items.



Introducing the new and improved “Laela Earring Angel”.  Completely redesigned with a larger capacity and a layout to accommodate those large and extra large earrings, hoops and even stud earrings.  It has 2 top end knobs for necklaces and a large weighted steel base that serves as an accessory tray.



Introducing the “Arinn Belt Holder”.  It may look a little odd but it works.  It is a uniquely designed wall mount belt organizer with a valet shelf. Specifically created to hold a variety of types and sizes of belts and made for women, men and teens.  Easy on easy off and easy to see what you have.  Most belt racks are cluttered with hooks too close together and you can’t see what is behind what and can’t hold certain types of buckles.  The Arinn Belt Holder displays 11 to 22 belts depending upon their width. If all your belts are 2 ½” wide this will display 11. If they are 1 ¼” wide it will hold 22 two per slot. Each of the 11 slots are wide enough to handle rolled or folded 12″ wide scarves, linked, chain, leather, braided, elastic, studded, D-Ring belts up to ¼” thick and even holds scarfs. The unique slots make is so easy to use.




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The Story of a Small Business – Angelynn’s Jewelry Organizers Part 5

2014  – A Good Year

November 2014 and many things have changed and I have made many adjustments and introduced 4 new designs this year.

Amazon thankfully is promoting and selling my products quite well and they make up more than 95% of my total overall sales.

Just a few months ago I adjusted my selling online.  I am currently selling on Amazon, Etsy, Ebay and

I redesigned my website and I love it.

In March we started building me a small warehouse in the country.  Since 2005, my warehouse has been my garage, living room, dining room, game room and every inch of my house where you could see the floor, plus this year I had to rent a space from Cube Smart to handle my stock.  I am hoping to get my house back in 2015!

My New Little Warehouse

My New Little Warehouse

The recession has gotten worse this year and sales growth month to month seemed to have hit a plateau.  My business is doing well in spite of it all.  No great strides, just unpredictable highs and lows, but they are averaging out okay.

Several of my products have been knocked off, by foreign manufacturers and they are selling them online and in stores, which does not make me very happy.  Some are identical and some are versions of mine.  Some have even taken my photographs and used them as their own.  All I can do is pray to God that they go away because I do believe they have impacted my sales growth along with the recession.  I can’t sue a foreign manufacturer plus there is more than one of them.  Shoot, Nike and Apple have tried to sue to no end or benefit.  The good news is that I do have an advocate and His name is Jesus aka Yeshua aka The King of Kings and I put my trust in Him.  I also have an issue with people selling my products online for up to double my pricing.  Which can be a problem if they purchase from Ebay (not me), Sears (not me) and pay $378 for something, then that seller buys on Amazon or one of my other sales sites to the customer they sold to.  Then once the customer gets it and perhaps realizes they might have over paid, do some research and then they return it and I end up taking not only the return as a hit but the shipping too in many cases.  I have researched this and it is indeed happening.  I pray to God this does not get out of hand and that it stops.  I am the only current legitimate seller of Angelynn’s Products, everyone else is illegitimate.

This year I phased out a few designs, production costs have gone up and were too high to be able to sell them good profit margins with the capacities they had.  My profit margins have greatly narrowed and this economy has not supported higher selling prices right now.

I sell nationwide and worldwide and even the worldwide sales have changed, I use to get a lot of sales from the UK, Canada, Brazil and Australia but not nearly as much in the past year.  Most of my US sales come from Los Angeles & San Diego California, Dallas, Houston & Austin Texas, Chicago and New York City, thankfully people who live in larger population cities are telling their friends.

For the most part I am merely found by people who search in the search engines for “earring holder”, “necklace holder”, “jewelry organizer” and so on and word of mouth.  I am no social media darling and I do not even have a smart phone.  I know and continue to hope that there are customers out there who will continue to love my products and let others know.  Yes, I do have a Facebook Page, Twitter 2 blogs and of course the sites I sell on, but I really don’t have the time or knowledge on how to use them all to their potential, they make my head spin.

Basically, things are good, no complaints, but sales could always be better.  Perhaps one year soon we will finally be able to take a vacation and get away from it all for a week or two?  God only knows.

Introducing my new “Nichole Earring Angel” (my sister) will be an extra large wall mount earring holder for hoops and extra long dangle earrings.  It will hold up to 105 pairs of large and long earrings.

2014  New Products

Nichole Earring Angel - Wall Mount Hoop and Long Dangle Earring Holder

Nichole Earring Angel – Wall Mount Hoop and Long Dangle Earring Holder

Amy Jewelry Tree - Bracelet Holder

Amy Jewelry Tree – Bracelet Holder

Gianna Jewelry Tree - Necklace Holder

Gianna Jewelry Tree – Necklace Holder

Isabel Jewelry Tree - Hoop and Long Chandelier Earring Holder

Isabel Jewelry Tree – Hoop and Long Chandelier Earring Holder

I am working on a few other products that have just completed the prototype.

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